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(CNN) – Donald Trump said Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander should “stop trying to get free publicity on the back of Donald Trump” on Monday, a day after the Tennessee senator told CNN that Trump has "absolutely no chance of winning" a presidential race. “Sen. Lamar Alexander, who I do not know and have heard very little about over the years, perhaps because of a certain ineffectiveness, has recently stolen my line, word for word, about [Texas Rep. … Read More

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How do Muslims in middle America feel about this week's hearings on Capitol Hill on the "radicalization of Islam?"  Watch this.  Brooke talked with Taha Tawil, Iman of the Mother Mosque of America in Cedar Rapids. … Read More

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Waukee, Iowa (CNN) — There was no "truce" in Iowa on Monday night. While the national political debate continues to swirl around the state of the economic recovery, five Republicans with their eyes on the White House spent the evening in a Des Moines suburb pitching themselves to the evangelical Christians who dominate the Hawkeye State's crucial first-in-the-nation caucuses. The potential candidates made their appeals at a forum sponsored by th … Read More

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