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by Earlene Williams Hancock – Guest columnist

Someone asked me late last night why he, as an African American, should consider voting… This question was beyond disturbing to me, but let me try to answer it:

1. Voting Rights Act. The Supreme Court recently struck down Section 4 of the Act…which will allow Republican-controlled states to make it harder for minorities to vote. In 2012, as a voting bloc, African Americans exceeded whites in turning out to vote for the first time in history ~ because they were furious that their voting rights were in jeopardy. Many stood in line for 7-8 hours in order to cast their ballots… Many died fighting for our right to vote ~ their sacrifice cannot be in vain!

2. Stand Your Ground. Trayvon Martin might well be alive today, if certain groups like A.L.E.C. (American Legislative Exchange Council) weren’t writing laws for GOP-controlled state legislatures. This law has been adopted by up to 30 states, to-date. We owe it to our young Black men and women to overturn this “license-to-kill” law ~ we can only do that by voting these racist rednecks out of office.

3. Minimum Wage. Who can live on $7.25 an hour? The Republicans would like to get rid of it altogether. If you don’t vote, you’re sending a message that you’re okay with that.

4. Jobs. The unemployment rate for African Americans is in the double-digits ~ not the national rate of 7.4%. Congress…especially the House of Representatives is full of Teabaggers who want to keep paying minorities slave wages. They also have not passed one Jobs Bill! ~ not even Infrastructure to repair roads and bridges that even they have to drive over. Why? Because Barack Obama proposed it.

5. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare. Republicans want to do away with these programs. If you don’t vote them out of office, please explain to me how millions of people, not just minorities, are expected to survive? What Republicans would love to see happen is that we “die quicker”…..

6. Housing. The Housing Crisis disproportionately hurt minority communities. The financial sector, including Predatory Lenders deliberately targeted minorities…yet, I’m not aware any have gone to prison. The “American Dream” of homeownership has been turned into a nightmare. What’s happening now is that investors are buying up foreclosed properties at an unprecedented rate and turning them into rentals. Who do you think will be turned into ‘permanent’ renters? Minorities.

7. Criminal Justice. You already know the system is unjust. You already know that Blacks and Hispanics are disproportionately targeted, jailed, and with far harsher sentences than their white counterparts. The prison system has been, to a large degree, privatized…they profit by the number of people they imprison. If you don’t vote for the Party that will try to change ‘the system’, do you expect it to “self-correct”?

8. War on Women. I’m not a proponent for abortions, but it is not some politician’s right to prevent a woman from making her own decision what to do with her body. The Republicans, throughout this country, are systematically shutting down abortion clinics ~ these clinics, like Planned Parenthood also offer pre-natal care, and general services for women who may not be able to afford a private physician. Who do you think will be disproportionately affected by this? The poor…

And ask yourselves…if Republicans, aka the “Christian Right” are so very concerned about banning abortions…even in the case of rape!…then why aren’t they willing to adopt these babies once they’re born? Why are they taking food out of these babies’ mouths…when they ‘pretend’ life is sacred? Is the life of a 4-year old less sacred than a fetus?

9. The Supreme Court. Again, controlled by Republican judges, who clearly have a racial bias. Google Justices Scalia, Alito, Roberts, Thomas, and Kennedy. They voted to allow corporations to infuse millions of dollars into elections. Who do you think they’re ‘buying off’ to protect their interests? It’s true there are Democratic politicans who are ‘on the take’, but far more Republicans, imo. There also may be one or two vacancies on the court the next two years. The President nominates judges to the court…then it’s sent to the Senate to confirm. Does it not make sense to increase our majority in the Senate to 60 so that these judges, who are more likely to rule in favor of programs that will help all Americans, including minorities, can be quickly confirmed…along with all the other bills that are currently at a standstill? That only happens if you vote.

10. Gun Control. If you’re okay with the slaughter of innocent victims, especially children, throughout this country…not just in Connecticut or Chicago, but everywhere…then don’t vote. The Senate passed a gun control bill which was ‘shot down’ by the Republicans in the House. Why? Because of the National Rifle Association (NRA) buying them off. The NRA claims they’re standing up for their 2nd Amendment Rights. The truth is it’s gun manufacturers who don’t want this legislation passed – they’re in it for the money…period! The more guns they can sell, the richer they become. Whether innocent people continue to be killed is of no consequence to them. If they continue to have the blood of those victims on their hands, they couldn’t care less. Are you okay with that?

11. Racism. It’s on the rise and becoming more and more prevalent and blatant. Electing the first Black President in 2008 was historic; re-electing him in 2012 was even more of a shock to their system. Are you aware that on the night of President Obama’s first inauguration, the Republicans held a secret meeting to come up with an agenda to shut down every single thing he proposed? Their goal, as stated by Mitch McConnell (GOP Senator from Kentucky)…was to make him a one-term President. Even though we gave him a second term last November, they’ve done everything possible to block his entire agenda.

This is why there’s unprecedented gridlock in Washington. Nothing is getting done, because of their hatred of this President. Every racial slur, every death threat he’s received, by extension, is targeted at the entire Black community. Isn’t that reason enough for you to vote?

►►►In 2010, during midterm elections, many of us stayed home. We thought our work was done in 2008. But…by not voting in 2010, it allowed an influx of ignorant, racist Governors, state legislators, Congressmen, and Senators to be voted into office.

I could go on and talk about war and climate change, etc., but I think any of the 11 reasons cited above are more than sufficient reason to exercise your right to vote. Putting all 11 together makes it imperative that sitting out next year’s election is to give permission for continued oppression of the Black and Hispanic communities. I’m not okay with that…I hope and pray you aren’t either… 

We have some Democratic politicians who need to be thrown out of office, too…but not now! Our goal now is to vote in and re-elect Democrats throughout this country…for EVERY political office possible. Democrats are far more likely to promote programs that will be beneficial to minorities ~ and we’ve got to undue the damage the GOP has done over the next two years…and for possibly decades to come.

It’s critically important that everyone gets out to VOTE!!!….not just in Presidential elections ~ but every 2 years…for local, county, state, and Federal elections!!! We have to be committed to turning this country around…or we will live to deeply regret it.

Commit to vote ~ it is your right!…while you still have it!


Republicans always want to paint executives and the wealthy as victims of class warfare in the media. They tell us how these employers have been gracious enough to give us jobs, and that should be enough for us to love them. But behind closed doors, these executives are doing everything possible to squeeze every last drop of productivity from their workers, while slashing benefits and pay. That’s the dirty little secret that Republicans don’t want you to know about, and Sam Seder recently spoke with Daily Kos Labor Editor Laura Clawson about how the super rich are playing mister nice guy to the public, while extracting everything possible from their workers in private.


It seems that everyone’s crazy Uncle (Ron Paul) is giving the GOP establishment shits and fits.  No one within the party wants him to succeed, but they don’t know what to do with him either.  After approximately 20 GOP debates only the strong are left standing. Ron Paul is among the GOP presidential hopefuls that are still striving to get to the White House. On Tuesday Floridians will cast their votes in Florida’s primaries and although Mitt Romney is the GOP favorite, Ron Paul has an intimidating support base and poses a real threat to the Republican establishment, according to some. A petition has started an attempt to make remove Paul from the race.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is spending $10 million on ads primarily attacking (conservative) Democrats as well as ads supporting Republicans.

So why is it that at a time of extreme hardships for the majority of Americans – with 49 million people in poverty and half of all Americans belonging to the working poor – it’s the super rich who think they’re the ones under attack? It’s the super rich – with multimillionaire lobbyists like Grover Norquist – who want to impeach the President over a tiny tax increase. It’s the super rich that yell “socialism” when the President calls for an end to oil subsidies – or more regulations on Wall Street. We seem to be living in a bizarre alternate universe – where the super rich – with the help of the Republican Party – and some Democrats – have become the “true victims” of the Great Bush Depression. So how did this come to be?

So much for Republican Family values.  It seems that some of the most sexually uptight members of the GOP usually end up having a super freaky closet life, that would embarass Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt.   The “Do as I Say , Not as I Do” concept of living is ripe within Conservative circles,  and there has been no shortage of scandal in the 2012 GOP  election season. There’s been Herman Cain, the serial adulterer, and his BFF and protege’ Newt Gingrich, the “serial husband/adulterer”, and now, just as Newt Gingrich has retaken the lead in the South Carolina primary poll from Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, yet another bombshell regarding Gingrich has hit regarding his lurid past.  Marianna Gingrich, Newts 2nd Wife, has spilled the beans on the activities between Her, Newt and Calista.  Looks like Newt and his best friend Herman Cain have far more in common that we ever thought….. I wonder if they ever partied together?

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WTF?  How can a person who is not an American citizen (Orly Taitz) challenge a persons eligibility who is (Barack Obama)?

A court hearing is scheduled for January 2012 in Fulton County, Georgia to determine if President Obama is eligible to appear on the state ballot in November. The case(s) are being brought by Orly Taitz and a sitting state lawmaker, Republican Mark Hatfield .

The Democratic Response

Republicans Attempt to Remove President Obama from Georgia Ballot

by  on DECEMBER 21, 2011 · in UNCATEGORIZED

Republicans are attempting to remove Barack Obama from Georgia’s Presidential Ballot in 2012.

Five separate lawsuits have been filed to PREVENT President Obama from being on the 2012 ballot. While their arguments are foolish, it still requires a vigorous defense in the Georgia judicial system.

If successful, Georgia would be the ONLY state to *not* have the President on the November ballot.

Democrats can’t allow our state to be America’s laughing stock. We have to fight these lawsuits, two of which are being represented by a sitting state legislator in the State Capitol.

We are putting together the finest legal team in the state to stop these political tricks.We must defend the President against these attacks that could remove him from the Presidential ballot in November.

We need your help. These lawsuits divert precious resources from our goal of turning Georgia blue in 2012.

Here’s what you can do.

  • If you are financially able, please make a $20 donation to fight to keep President Obama on Georgia’s ballot. This money will be used towards the best legal defense in the state to fight these serious Republican charges.
  • If you are financially able, donate $20 for yourself and $20 for a person unable to donate– a $40 total donation to fight these charges against our President. Your generous donation will cover the cost of someone unemployed or in foreclosure this holiday season.
  • If you are *not* financially able, please send an email of support to show how much we appreciate our legal team’s efforts to fight against these serious threats.

Georgia Republicans are pulling their biggest scam yet. In the midst of the holidays, Republicans are conducting a sneak attack on our President and threatening to remove him from the ballot in November.

We can’t let that happen. Will you help our President?

Edward True, 28, of Moulton, said he helped count the votes and jotted the results down on a piece of paper to post to his Facebook page. He said when he checked to make sure the Republican Party of Iowa got the count right, he said he was shocked to find they hadn’t.

Well We all knew it would be just a matter of time before Rick Santorum‘s “Inner Cracker” would surface…. but to be fair, you can tell when he said it… he knew he had just fucked up! lol

CBS News reports…..

While campaigning in Sioux City, Iowa Sunday, GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum said if elected he plans to cut regulations and entitlements and he doesn’t want to “make black people‘s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

UPDATE Jan 2, 2012 18:00

David Badash of the New Civil Rights Movement writes……..

According to government statistics, 35% of adults on welfare (TANF) are white, 34% are black, and 24% are Hispanic.

So, does Santorum only want to help whites, or is he just rolling around in stereotypical assumptions — albeit false ones — about welfare recipients? Santorum then went on to extol the “trickle-​down” virtues of Reaganomics, which have been proven to be false.

Stephen Webster at The Raw Story notes:

Speaking to Republicans in Iowa on Monday, former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-​PA) said his administration would reform welfare to the point that it would offer no welfare at all.

After suggesting that an expansion of Medicare is really just a plot to make voters more “dependent” on Washington, Santorum added: ”I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them other people’s money.”

“I want to give them the opportunity to go out and earn their money and provide for themselves and their families,” he added. “The best way to do that is to get the manufacturing sector of the economy rolling.”

According to the University of Michigan’s National Poverty Center, 27.4 percent of blacks and 26.6 percent of Hispanics were living in poverty in 2010, compared to 9.9 percent of whites. Unemployment statistics between the racial demographics are similarly skewed.

Despite the factually flawed nature of Santorum’s pitch on Monday, the underlying logic of his pitch is abundantly clear: census data shows that over 91 percent of Iowans are white, a community Santorum must desperately appeal to if he wants a win in Tuesday’s caucuses.

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