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It seems that everyone’s crazy Uncle (Ron Paul) is giving the GOP establishment shits and fits.  No one within the party wants him to succeed, but they don’t know what to do with him either.  After approximately 20 GOP debates only the strong are left standing. Ron Paul is among the GOP presidential hopefuls that are still striving to get to the White House. On Tuesday Floridians will cast their votes in Florida’s primaries and although Mitt Romney is the GOP favorite, Ron Paul has an intimidating support base and poses a real threat to the Republican establishment, according to some. A petition has started an attempt to make remove Paul from the race.


So much for Republican Family values.  It seems that some of the most sexually uptight members of the GOP usually end up having a super freaky closet life, that would embarass Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt.   The “Do as I Say , Not as I Do” concept of living is ripe within Conservative circles,  and there has been no shortage of scandal in the 2012 GOP  election season. There’s been Herman Cain, the serial adulterer, and his BFF and protege’ Newt Gingrich, the “serial husband/adulterer”, and now, just as Newt Gingrich has retaken the lead in the South Carolina primary poll from Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, yet another bombshell regarding Gingrich has hit regarding his lurid past.  Marianna Gingrich, Newts 2nd Wife, has spilled the beans on the activities between Her, Newt and Calista.  Looks like Newt and his best friend Herman Cain have far more in common that we ever thought….. I wonder if they ever partied together?

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Well We all knew it would be just a matter of time before Rick Santorum‘s “Inner Cracker” would surface…. but to be fair, you can tell when he said it… he knew he had just fucked up! lol

CBS News reports…..

While campaigning in Sioux City, Iowa Sunday, GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum said if elected he plans to cut regulations and entitlements and he doesn’t want to “make black people‘s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money.”

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UPDATE Jan 2, 2012 18:00

David Badash of the New Civil Rights Movement writes……..

According to government statistics, 35% of adults on welfare (TANF) are white, 34% are black, and 24% are Hispanic.

So, does Santorum only want to help whites, or is he just rolling around in stereotypical assumptions — albeit false ones — about welfare recipients? Santorum then went on to extol the “trickle-​down” virtues of Reaganomics, which have been proven to be false.

Stephen Webster at The Raw Story notes:

Speaking to Republicans in Iowa on Monday, former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-​PA) said his administration would reform welfare to the point that it would offer no welfare at all.

After suggesting that an expansion of Medicare is really just a plot to make voters more “dependent” on Washington, Santorum added: ”I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them other people’s money.”

“I want to give them the opportunity to go out and earn their money and provide for themselves and their families,” he added. “The best way to do that is to get the manufacturing sector of the economy rolling.”

According to the University of Michigan’s National Poverty Center, 27.4 percent of blacks and 26.6 percent of Hispanics were living in poverty in 2010, compared to 9.9 percent of whites. Unemployment statistics between the racial demographics are similarly skewed.

Despite the factually flawed nature of Santorum’s pitch on Monday, the underlying logic of his pitch is abundantly clear: census data shows that over 91 percent of Iowans are white, a community Santorum must desperately appeal to if he wants a win in Tuesday’s caucuses.

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In 2011, Republican presidential wannabes had a lot to say‹but they didn’t always make much sense. Here’s a countdown of the greatest GOP moments of 2011.

Haven’t we gotten tired of hearing of Herman Cain’s exploits? Or is America being played like a fiddle, just to sell books?  Ginger White is Herman Cain’s latest accuser, who says she had a 14 year affair with the former GOP front-runner.

Part 1

Part 2

The Herman Cain Train Wreck continues with the interview of Ginger White on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.  Ginger talks about how Herman Cain ended their relationship in this clip.

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Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich took aim at President Obama while campaigning in South Carolina, expressing suspicion about his background as a community organizer in Chicago.

When it comes to foreign policy, GOP candidates appear to be stumped. Foreign policy was front and center during the GOP debate in Washington, DC Tuesday night. We saw extreme statements on going to war with Iran to advocating racial profiling and harsh interrogation techniques.

A recent campaign ad for GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry makes the claim that President Obama thinks “Americans are lazy.” Scott Pelley puts that claim into context.

With Alaska’s senatorial race having turned into a mess for voters, candidates and, above all, prognosticators, Democrats have geared up to make a race of what had been a sure Republican seat, though who exactly is going to sit in it has been unclear.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has sent more than $160,000 to its candidate, Scott McAdams, once a solid third in the unconventional three-way race for the seat now held by Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a Republican who lost her party’s nomination to a “tea party” movement favorite, Joe Miller. Murkowski is waging a write-in campaign, and some polls show her leading in the general election Nov. 2.

The dust-up in Alaska may have created an opening for them,  Democrats, insist. “We believe that Scott McAdams actually has a real chance of winning this race. Mr. Miller has obviously plummeted because it’s about ideology versus about Alaska,” Sen. Robert Menendez, of New Jersey, said Sunday on ABC.

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Meanwhile the nonpartisan Rothenberg Political Report on Sunday reevaluated the race.“Even after losing the GOP primary, Sen. Lisa Murkowski appears to have the advantage in the race. But if there are complications with her write-in candidacy, there is a narrow chance that Democrat Scott McAdams could win the seat.

“McAdams wouldn’t have a shot in a two-way race, but he could prevail if Murkowski and GOP nominee Joe Miller divide the Republican vote,” the report said.

Alaska’s senatorial race offers the Democrats a rare chance for a clear net gain in the Senate, where they are now the majority but where Republicans are threatening to gain influence. Most polls show the GOP  picking up seats but not enough to win a majority, which would require a net gain of 10 seats.

Which is why Democrats are hoping that McAdams, who is on the ballot, now has a better shot because of the electoral confusion and the write-in campaign by Murkowski. Write-in campaigns are always procedurally tough even if the candidate is popular.

When Miller won the primary, he was considered a shoo-in, and there was talk of a tea-party caucus of new GOP senators helping push Republicans even further to the right.

But Miller has imploded during the campaign, during which there were questions about whether he had accepted government benefits of the kind he was running against and whether he misused government resources in 2008.

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