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nobody_represents_the_american_people-460x307What do the American People really think politically?

Depending on what sources you reference, you can get very different answers.  But when you take the most important issues that face our country, issue by issue…..  the Political opinions of American’s become distinct and clear.


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is spending $10 million on ads primarily attacking (conservative) Democrats as well as ads supporting Republicans.

You asked the questions, and today President Obama will answer. The first-ever completely virtual interview from the White House.

On December 12th  and 13th , 2011 “Reclaim America from The Lunatic Fringe!” and it’s sites; The Alliance for an “Idiot-Free” America, The League of Aggressive Progressives, The Digital Liberal Alliance. Left Leaning Lunatics, Occupy Cyberspace – American Autumn, “The Lunatic Lounge” by “Reclaim America from the Lunatic Fringe!”, “This is What’s Great About The United States of America!”  and “The Political Asylum” on Google Plus, experienced a minor service disruption on both Facebook and Google Plus as a result of a coordinated attack by a Right  Wing hacktivist collective.  Facebook was un-accessible for 2 hours and all of our Google accounts (Google Plus, Gmail, Youtube, etc) had been disabled.  Our Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn, Diaspora, BlogTalkRadio,Vopod and Tumbler sites were not effected.  All sites have been restored completely and we are happy to report that no data has been lost or compromised.  They couldn’t get in, so the best they could do was to turn them off.  Amateurs!