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WTF?  How can a person who is not an American citizen (Orly Taitz) challenge a persons eligibility who is (Barack Obama)?

A court hearing is scheduled for January 2012 in Fulton County, Georgia to determine if President Obama is eligible to appear on the state ballot in November. The case(s) are being brought by Orly Taitz and a sitting state lawmaker, Republican Mark Hatfield .

The Democratic Response

Republicans Attempt to Remove President Obama from Georgia Ballot

by  on DECEMBER 21, 2011 · in UNCATEGORIZED

Republicans are attempting to remove Barack Obama from Georgia’s Presidential Ballot in 2012.

Five separate lawsuits have been filed to PREVENT President Obama from being on the 2012 ballot. While their arguments are foolish, it still requires a vigorous defense in the Georgia judicial system.

If successful, Georgia would be the ONLY state to *not* have the President on the November ballot.

Democrats can’t allow our state to be America’s laughing stock. We have to fight these lawsuits, two of which are being represented by a sitting state legislator in the State Capitol.

We are putting together the finest legal team in the state to stop these political tricks.We must defend the President against these attacks that could remove him from the Presidential ballot in November.

We need your help. These lawsuits divert precious resources from our goal of turning Georgia blue in 2012.

Here’s what you can do.

  • If you are financially able, please make a $20 donation to fight to keep President Obama on Georgia’s ballot. This money will be used towards the best legal defense in the state to fight these serious Republican charges.
  • If you are financially able, donate $20 for yourself and $20 for a person unable to donate– a $40 total donation to fight these charges against our President. Your generous donation will cover the cost of someone unemployed or in foreclosure this holiday season.
  • If you are *not* financially able, please send an email of support to show how much we appreciate our legal team’s efforts to fight against these serious threats.

Georgia Republicans are pulling their biggest scam yet. In the midst of the holidays, Republicans are conducting a sneak attack on our President and threatening to remove him from the ballot in November.

We can’t let that happen. Will you help our President?