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Former Senator Arlen Specter denies promising Rick Santorum conservatives on the Supreme Court.


Mike Papantonio appears on MSNBC‘s The Ed Show to talk about Romney’s Olympic hypocrisy, and Santorum’s war against women.

It seems that everyone’s crazy Uncle (Ron Paul) is giving the GOP establishment shits and fits.  No one within the party wants him to succeed, but they don’t know what to do with him either.  After approximately 20 GOP debates only the strong are left standing. Ron Paul is among the GOP presidential hopefuls that are still striving to get to the White House. On Tuesday Floridians will cast their votes in Florida’s primaries and although Mitt Romney is the GOP favorite, Ron Paul has an intimidating support base and poses a real threat to the Republican establishment, according to some. A petition has started an attempt to make remove Paul from the race.

President Obama urges Congress to extend the payroll tax cut to prevent a tax hike on 160 million hardworking Americans.

So why is it that at a time of extreme hardships for the majority of Americans – with 49 million people in poverty and half of all Americans belonging to the working poor – it’s the super rich who think they’re the ones under attack? It’s the super rich – with multimillionaire lobbyists like Grover Norquist – who want to impeach the President over a tiny tax increase. It’s the super rich that yell “socialism” when the President calls for an end to oil subsidies – or more regulations on Wall Street. We seem to be living in a bizarre alternate universe – where the super rich – with the help of the Republican Party – and some Democrats – have become the “true victims” of the Great Bush Depression. So how did this come to be?

You asked the questions, and today President Obama will answer. The first-ever completely virtual interview from the White House.

Representative Keith Ellison described the court-led return to the “gilded age” and drew parallels to today’s progressive movement, concluding that a constitutional amendment is both possible and necessary to ensure that our government serves the people, not corporate special interests.

Senator Tom Udall described the necessity of bipartisan support on the path toward ratifying a constitutional amendment, noting that past campaign-finance reform efforts have enjoyed bipartisan support. Senator Udall acknowledged that when the people make their voices heard and build momentum, a constitutional amendment can become inevitable.


The applause breaks during the State of the Union tell us a lot about what people think of what the President is saying. But were there any surprises last night when it came to who did and didn’t applaud?

Fox News hosts and contributors including Gretchen Carlson, Laura Ingraham and Eric Bolling don’t want viewers to care about 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney‘s tax returns.

So much for Republican Family values.  It seems that some of the most sexually uptight members of the GOP usually end up having a super freaky closet life, that would embarass Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt.   The “Do as I Say , Not as I Do” concept of living is ripe within Conservative circles,  and there has been no shortage of scandal in the 2012 GOP  election season. There’s been Herman Cain, the serial adulterer, and his BFF and protege’ Newt Gingrich, the “serial husband/adulterer”, and now, just as Newt Gingrich has retaken the lead in the South Carolina primary poll from Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, yet another bombshell regarding Gingrich has hit regarding his lurid past.  Marianna Gingrich, Newts 2nd Wife, has spilled the beans on the activities between Her, Newt and Calista.  Looks like Newt and his best friend Herman Cain have far more in common that we ever thought….. I wonder if they ever partied together?

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