Should intentionally hitting someone at 95 mph+ be considered assault, even if it’s in a sporting event?

Posted: August 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Red Sox Pitcher Ryan Dempster

Red Sox Pitcher Ryan Dempster

If You or I hit someone at 95mph intentionally, would we be charged with assault?  I guess that question could be answered with, “How Could we not be charged?”   I actually saw this happen the other day while watching the Yankees play the Red Sox, and even though this was a sporting event, does this exempt anyone from the law?  To be fair, here are the particulars.  Much Maligned Yankee player Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez is up at bat with Red Sox Pitcher Ryan Dempster is on the mound.  Dempster, an outspoken critic of Alex Rodriguez, intentionally beans A-Rod with a 95mph+ fast ball, but the only one who is ejected from the game is the Yankees Manager  Joe Girardi.

Granted, A-Rod is probably the most hated or at least the most controversial player in baseball right now,  but the last time I checked, he hadn’t intentionally assaulted anyone physically.  As fans, many of us don’t appreciate what Rodriguez has done via steroid use, but this still doesn’t mean that we elected Ryan Dempster to speak  for us through his own misguided actions, nor should we. I’m sure A-Rod isn’t the first player in baseball to ever get hit intentionally by a pitch, and he won’t be the last, but to ignore  what has happened without addressing it… is folly, and will only lead to further episodes like this.


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