mlk hoodieMartin Luther King III, the son of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, refuted outspoken relative and conservative pundit Alveda King‘s recent statements regarding the viral image of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in a hoodie.  The hoodie image was made as a statement in support of Trayvon Martin, who’s recent case has captured the headlines.

Alveda King, who views often put her at odds with not only the Dr. King’s family, but the foundation that bears his name, had gained the media spotlight by saying, “I can almost promise you Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would not wear a hoodie,”.

Regardless of Dr. King’s fashion choices, Alveda King seemed to ignore the larger issue of how and why the image was created and gained such popularity in just 7 days, after the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case verdict.

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