As The World Turns….Brazil overtakes UK as sixth-largest economy

Posted: December 26, 2011 in Politics
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Brazil has overtaken the UK as the world’s sixth largest economy, according to a London-based research centre.  The shift is part of a larger trend in which emerging economies are out doing some European countries.  The south American country was still considered something of an economic underachiever a decade ago, but as its economy grew steadily in the past eight years, things started to change.  Government’s anti-poverty measures further helped in lifting more than 40 million people into a new middle class.
  1. PPPolitics says:

    It was literally only a matter of time, they’ve been predicting this for a number of months now. It’s such a sad shame to see the British economy slip away like it is doing but a great achievement for a country that was considered poverty stricken less than a decade ago. Where Britain goes from here is a bewilderment to me.